How to use Google G suite OAuth2 with mbsync (from isync) and msmtp on NetBSD

This post will be irrelevant for Google Workspace after 2022-10-04 because OAuth out-of-band (OBB) flow will be deprecated. See my newer post which describes loopback IP flow for mbsync and msmtp.

Google will remove Less Secure app Access (LSA) from Gmail of G Suite. And I want to continue to use Gmail from NetBSD laptop with mbsync (isync) and msmtp. However I cannot find any successful report about mbsync with XOAuth2.

I do not understand OAuth2 and its derivatives at all. This post is for reporting how to use mbsync and msmtp for Gmail without LSA, not for understanding OAuth2.


I am a NetBSD desktop user. I will use pkgsrc as a package management system. The pkgsrc is portable for almost all POSIX system. You can bootstrap pkgsrc on non-NetBSD POSIX-like operating system that you are using.

I should install the following pkgsrc packages.

  • pkgsrc/mail/isync (isync-1.3.1nb2 or later)
  • pkgsrc/security/cyrus-sasl-xoauth2
  • pkgsrc/mail/msmtp
  • Be sure to use isync-1.3.1nb2 or later. isync-1.3.1nb1 has short buffer (80 bytes) for an output of PassCmd.

    Generate client ID and client secret on Google CLoud Platform console

    Goole Cloud Platform console is very complicated. I will not show how to generate clinet ID and client secret step by step.

    I should follow Google Cloud Platform console -> API&Services -> Credentials -> OAuth 2.0 Client IDs.

    Get my Access Token and Refresh Token with Google's

    With my client ID and client secret, I can get my (temporal) Access Token and Refresh Token with Google's commandline tool. I can get tool from This is for Python 2.7 not for Python 3. Be sure to execute the tool with python2.7 command from pkgsrc/lang/python27.

    And I must have modern web browser like pkgsrc/www/firefox to access Google's webpage.

    An outline of my steps is as follows.

    1. Execute with my client ID and client secret.
    2. I can get a URI of Google's webpage and open the webpage with my Firefox.
    3. I can get a code and input the code to
    4. I can get the access token and refresh token.

    I will use the refresh token to renew the access token. Do not discard my refresh token.

    I will execute as follows.

    $ python2.7 /opt/share/ \
    --client_secret=MY_CLIENT_SECRET  \

    Create a script to generate a access token from the refresh token

    My access token will expire in 3600 seconds. I will regenerate my access token every e-mail send/fetch. Google's has no special mode to output refresh access token only. I will create the following script as /opt/bin/

    #! /bin/sh
    /usr/pkg/bin/python2.7 /opt/share/ \
    --client_secret=MY_CLIENT_SECRET \
    --generate_oauth2_token \
    --refresh_token=MY_REFRESH_TOKEN | \
    awk -F" " '{if(NR==1)print $3}'

    Do not ferget to execute chmod 700 /opt/bin/

    My ~/.mbsyncrc

    My .mbsyncrc is very simple. PassCmd and AuthMechs are special.

    IMAPAccount gmail
    #AuthMechs LOGIN
    AuthMechs XOAUTH2
    PassCmd "/opt/bin/"
    CertificateFile /etc/openssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
    IMAPStore gmail-remote
    Account gmail
    MaildirStore gmail-local
    Path ~/.maildir/teteraorg-gmail/
    Inbox ~/.maildir/teteraorg-gmail/inbox
    Channel gmail-inbox
    Master :gmail-remote:
    Slave :gmail-local:
    Channel gmail-trash
    Master :gmail-remote:"[Gmail]/Trash"
    Slave :gmail-local:trash
    Channel gmail-sent
    Master :gmail-remote:"[Gmail]/Sent Mail"
    Slave :gmail-local:sent
    Channel gmail-archive
    Master :gmail-remote:
    Slave :gmail-local:
    Patterns "Arch*"
    Group teteraorg
    Channel gmail-inbox
    Channel gmail-sent
    Channel gmail-trash
    Channel gmail-archive

    My ~/.msmtprc

    For msmtp, no special patch is reaquired. msmtp has no XOAuth2 support (it seems that XOauth2 support is removed already). Use auth oauthbearer instead.

    account teteraorg
    tls on
    tls_certcheck off
    tls_starttls off
    port 465
    protocol smtp
    auth oauthbearer
    passwordeval "/opt/bin/"
    account default: teteraorg

    5 件のコメント:

    Anonymous さんのコメント...

    Why do you have three channels? The setups that I have seen largely do just

    Patterns * ![Gmail]* "[Gmail]/Sent Mail" "[Gmail]/Starred" "[Gmail]/All Mail"

    for a single channel

    ryo さんのコメント...

    Thank you. I will try to combine the channels.

    Pinelake さんのコメント...
    Pinelake さんのコメント...

    THanks for this instruction. I tried this but getting into this error.

    Error: SASL(-1): generic failure: Unable to find a callback: 18948

    Is there any way to fix this?

    According to, we should use LOGIN instead of XOAUTH2, but I am not sure it's right.

    ryo さんのコメント...

    If you have enabled XOAUTH2 authentication on Google Workspace console, you will not be able to use LOGIN authmech. LOGIN authmech indicates userID/password authentication.

    Your environment is macOS? 18948 is 0x4a04. 0x4a04 is not defined in plain cyrus-sasl-2.1.27 for callback ID. Google search says 0x4a04 is defined for Apple version of sasl.h. See: . I have no macOS environment. Does macOS's Cyrus SASL support OAUTHBEARER or XOATH2 natively? If so, cyrus-sasl-xoauth2 may not be required.
    Thank you.


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