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How to use bta2dpd(8) with Bluetooth headphone under NetBSD-current

Introduction When USB Bluetooth dongle (ubt(4)) is used, classic Bluetooth SCO Audio (btsco(4)) requires USB isochronous transfer and ehci(4) and xhci(4) of NetBSD-current does not support USB isochronous transfer mode, So I cannot use btsco(4) to play audio under NetBSD-current. Some time ago, bta2dpd(8) was imported to NetBSD-current by nat@. I had not tested bta2dpd(8) and I should test bta2dp(8) with Jabra MOVE Wireless. As a result, I can play audio with ubt(4) and Javra MOVE Wireless. Basic Bluetooth settings How to pairing and selecting profile is as same as btsco(4). Please perform the following steps. At first, run daemon/service for Bluetooth. Please perform the following steps. # vi /etc/rc.conf bluetooth=YES # /etc/rc.d/bluetooth start configuring Bluetooth controllers: ubt0. starting Bluetooth Link Key/PIN Code manager starting Bluetooth Service Discovery server If your Bluetooth connection is temporary, you can perform the following steps instead. # /etc/rc.d/blue…