GXemulでエミュレートしているマシンの情報がGoogleで検索してもうまく出て来ないので、gxemul -Hの結果を掲載しておく。


Available template machines:

  testm88k      Experimental M88K machine.
  testmips      Experimental MIPS machine.


The following applies to the LEGACY modes only:

Available CPU types:

            21064        21066        21164        21164A-2     
            21164PC      21264        21364        
            ARM3         ARM610       ARM610       ARM620       ARM700       
            ARM710       ARM710A      ARM720T      ARM740T4K    ARM740T8K    
            ARM7500      ARM7500FE    ARM810       ARM920T      ARM922T      
            ARM940T      ARM946ES     ARM966ES     ARM966ESR1   ARM1020E     
            ARM1022ES    ARM1026EJS   ARM1136JS    ARM1136JSR1  SA110        
            SA1100       SA1110       TI925T       IXP1200      80200        
            PXA210       PXA210A      PXA210B      PXA210C      PXA250       
            PXA250A      PXA250B      PXA250C      PXA27X       IXP425_255   
            IXP425_400   IXP425_533   80219_400    80219_600    80321_400    
            80321_400_B0 80321_600    80321_600_B0 80321_600_2  
            88100        88110        
            R2000     R2000A    R3000     R3000A    R6000     R4000     
            R4000PC   R10000    R4200     R4300     R4100     VR4102    
            VR4181    VR4121    VR4122    VR4131    R4400     R4600     
            R4700     R4650     R8000     R12000    R14000    R5000     
            R5900     TX3920    TX7901    VR5432    RM5200    RM7000    
            RM7900    RM9000    RC32334   4Kc       4KEc      5Kc       
            5KE       BCM4710   BCM4712   AU1000    AU1500    AU1100    
            SB1       SR7100    Allegrex  
            PPC405GP  PPC601    PPC603    PPC603e   PPC604    PPC620    
            MPC7400   PPC750    G4e       PPC970    
            SH7708R   SH7750    SH7750R   SH7751R   

Most of the CPU types are bogus, and not really implemented. The main effect of
selecting a specific CPU type is to choose what kind of 'id' it will have.

Available machine types (with aliases) and their subtypes:

        Algor evaluation board [MIPS] ("algor")
            - P4032 ("p4032")
            - P5064 ("p5064")
        Alpha [Alpha] ("alpha")
            - AlphaBook 1 ("alphabook1")
            - AlphaServer 4100 ("alphaserver4100")
            - DEC 3000/300 ("3000/300")
            - EB164 ("eb164")
        ARC [MIPS] ("arc")
            - Acer PICA-61 ("pica-61", "acer pica", "pica")
            - Jazz Magnum ("magnum", "jazz magnum")
        Artesyn's PM/PPC board [PPC] ("pmppc")
        CATS evaluation board [ARM] ("cats")
        Cobalt [MIPS] ("cobalt")
        DECstation/DECsystem [MIPS] ("decstation", "decsystem", "dec")
            - DECstation 3100 (PMAX) ("pmax", "3100", "2100")
            - DECstation 5000/200 (3MAX) ("3max", "5000/200")
            - DECstation 5000/1xx (3MIN) ("3min", "5000/1xx")
            - DECstation 5000 (3MAXPLUS) ("3maxplus", "3max+")
            - DECsystem 58x0 ("5800", "58x0")
            - DECsystem 5400 ("5400")
            - DECstation Maxine (5000) ("maxine")
            - DECsystem 5500 ("5500")
            - DECstation MipsMate (5100) ("5100", "mipsmate")
        Dreamcast [SH] ("dreamcast")
        Generic "bare" ARM machine [ARM] ("barearm")
        Generic "bare" M88K machine [M88K] ("barem88k")
        Generic "bare" MIPS machine [MIPS] ("baremips")
        Generic "bare" PPC machine [PPC] ("bareppc")
        Generic "bare" SH machine [SH] ("baresh")
        Handhelp ARM (HPCarm) [ARM] ("hpcarm")
            - Ipaq ("ipaq")
            - Jornada 720 ("jornada720")
            - Jornada 728 ("jornada728")
        Handhelp MIPS (HPCmips) [MIPS] ("hpcmips")
            - Casio Cassiopeia BE-300 ("be-300", "be300")
            - Casio Cassiopeia E-105 ("e-105", "e105")
            - Agenda VR3 ("agenda", "vr3")
            - IBM WorkPad Z50 ("workpad", "z50")
            - NEC MobilePro 770 ("mobilepro770")
            - NEC MobilePro 780 ("mobilepro780")
            - NEC MobilePro 800 ("mobilepro800")
            - NEC MobilePro 880 ("mobilepro880")
        Handhelp SH (HPCsh) [SH] ("hpcsh")
            - Jornada 680 ("jornada680")
            - Jornada 690 ("jornada690")
        Intel IQ80321 [ARM] ("iq80321")
        Iyonix [ARM] ("iyonix")
        Landisk [SH] ("landisk", "usl-5p")
        Macintosh [PPC] ("macppc")
            - MacPPC G3 ("g3")
            - MacPPC G4 ("g4")
            - MacPPC G5 ("g5")
        MIPS evaluation boards (evbmips) [MIPS] ("evbmips")
            - Malta ("malta")
            - Malta (Big-Endian) ("maltabe")
        MVME88K [M88K] ("mvme88k")
            - MVME187 ("mvme187old")
            - MVME188 ("mvme188")
            - MVME197 ("mvme197")
        MVMEPPC [PPC] ("mvmeppc")
            - MVME1600 ("mvme1600")
            - MVME2100 ("mvme2100")
            - MVME5500 ("mvme5500")
        NetWinder [ARM] ("netwinder")
        Playstation 2 [MIPS] ("playstation2", "ps2")
        PowerPC Reference Platform [PPC] ("prep")
            - IBM 6050/6070 ("ibm6050", "ibm6070")
            - MVME2400 ("mvme2400")
        QEMU MIPS [MIPS] ("qemu_mips")
        SGI [MIPS] ("silicon graphics", "sgi")
            - IP12 ("ip12")
            - IP19 ("ip19")
            - IP20 ("ip20")
            - IP22 ("ip22", "indy")
            - IP24 ("ip24")
            - IP27 ("ip27", "origin 200", "origin 2000")
            - IP28 ("ip28")
            - IP30 ("ip30", "octane")
            - IP32 ("ip32", "o2")
            - IP35 ("ip35")
        Test-machine for ARM [ARM] ("testarm")
        Test-machine for M88K [M88K] ("oldtestm88k")
        Test-machine for MIPS [MIPS] ("oldtestmips")
        Test-machine for PPC [PPC] ("testppc")
        Test-machine for SH [SH] ("testsh")

Most of the machine types are bogus too. Please read the GXemul documentation
for information about which machine types that actually work. Use the alias
when selecting a machine type or subtype, not the real name.

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